Monday, November 2, 2009

some of halloween...

the theme this year was chosen by joey... he loves wizard of oz so that had to be it!!!
hershey was all too thrilled to be included (HA!).... of course, as the cowardly lion :)

sunnie as a munchkin... jason said she looked like a yard ornament,lol...

nic for his class halloween party... so sad that they couldnt dress in their costumes.. i remember when i was in school it was an all day party.. we wore our costumes to school and played games, ate candy and more candy... now for my kids they cant dress up, no candy, only healthy snacks for the one hour end of the day party and dont even think of taking candy for a snack when you return to school after halloween :( I can understand to a certain point but kids should still be allowed to be kids!!!!

joey looks like he was born to be the scarecrow from the movie!!! i have to give all the credit to my sister in law and brother in law because they put his entire costume together... Joey changed his mind the night before and wanted to be the lion instead but i bought it too small (the reason my dog got a costume) I didnt have time to run out and get everything for the scarecrow but they came to his rescue :) everybody loved it and of course i cried :( still dont understand why things like that get me so emotional. Helen was dorothy but i wasnt able to take pictures while they were trick or treating :( i'm gonna see if i can get a few from their teacher because they looked too darn cute together :)
i uploaded my pictures a little crazy and totally out of order but hey at least i got them on here :)
here is helens older sister, shawna.. isnt she beautiful? shawna just turned 16 and she has to be the best teenager i have ever known... so respectful, helpful, loving :) and she likes to spend her free time with me... why i'm not so sure but we like having her around so i dont question it ;)

I need to catch up!!!!

One of our halloween decorations :) the kids and i had so much fun making this halloween tree we decided we need to make one for every holiday... Ok, not a halloween tree but for easter an easter tree, valentines day tree etc etc!!!! i really shouldve taken the picture when we first made it because after a few days it didnt look like it did on the first day ;)

just a little gift for all the teachers for halloween :) they are halloween smores and how cute are they? of course i got my idea from the cricut board. now that you can find peeps for every holiday i just might make these all the time... well, until everyone gets sick of them :D...

it was hard finding these peeps but glad i did. how cute are those ghosts and pumpkins?!!! not sure how it all tastes when its made but who cares its cute!

a couple more pictures from ITZ... I'm bound to have a drummer in the house!!!

thought I'd throw one in of nicholas just so you can see i really have other kids besides sunnie and joey...LOL... i guess once they hit a certain age they hate taking pictures?!?

Oh my goodness!!! i was just about to give up on this blog...

look closely at her expression...

and then look at mine... i thought jason was just making fun of me when he said sunnie makes faces like me ;) i guess my husband is right..

joey got himself all ready for school with a long sleeve shirt and plaid shorts that do not match. oh well, he tried :) i asked him, "jo what did you get into and put all over yourself?" he said, "nothing mom, i promise" HA, i'm not blind joey!!!! he put baby powder all over him, sunnie and my bathroom. I didnt notice it in the bathroom until i slipped on it, ugh!

my little rockstar!!!!

dont we look excited? we took the kids to ITZ pizza crazy place on a saturday!! what were we thinking?!

Monday, September 21, 2009

like father like son.... LOL

the instant joey walked into my room I said, "oh my, he looks like william h. macey." ok, so i think thats the actors name. I know in my head who i'm talking about just not sure on his name,lol.

oh, jason is gonna love me posting pictures of him in his wife beater shirt,lol.

as of lately nicholas has been trying to be just like his dad. nicholas has always been a mommas boy but as he's growing up he is wanting to act like, dress like and be with his dad!!! i'm totally ok with that because really what do i know about being a boy/man? to be honest, i think boys are yucky, smelly and creepy,lol. I really do love my boys but you have to admit boys can be like that, right? its only as they get older because birth-6 not so much,lol.

here joey reminds me of chicken little. how cute is he? i had to run out and buy joey wife beater tshirts so he could match. I wonder why they are called wife beaters? does anybody know or is that a made up thing, what? i know jason wears them as an undershirt (DUH!) why nicholas and joey had to have them is beyond me. i guess because nicholas wants to do everything like jason and joey wants to do everything like nicholas,lol.

this is my favorite :)... the funny thing is these two are exactly alike in every way. they both act like old men, they have a memory like no other ( i tell jason he must remember his journey through the birth canal,lol), seems like they are just smart because thats just how they are, no need to try very hard (by the way i hate people like that,lol ;) of course, they are both so very handsome :)....

Friday, September 11, 2009

football game #2

for some odd reason joey is always poking his head up into the camera. i have several shots of him looking like he has a big ol' head,lol. he is kinda cute though, dont you think?

I ran outta time to make tshirts so i asked jason if he would. believe it or not he can be a trooper and do those types of things. As he was making them he said, "dont you think i'm enjoying myself!!!" he tried making that very clear but i think he was covering up his enjoyment of it all.

didnt realize aj was looking at me until i uploaded the pictures to the computer. i couldnt of got that even if i tried. this was the game he was "tackled" thrown into the air and landed on his butt. if it wouldve been any of my other kids it probably wouldve been ok but he is the only one without extra padding.

brenda really enjoys going out to watch her brother play. i think the rest of them go along for the snacks,lol.

not too sure what nicholas is doing. well, except for the obvious but why he did it not sure. the team ended up losing 22-0. aj said his teams average on points is 0. hahaha gotta laugh at him saying that. i really dont care if they win or lose but i guess thats a mom for you. i'm just happy because it seems to have given him motivation to do well in school and thats all this mom cares about :)..... watching him play is a bit scary because he is so small/skinny but at the same time kinda funny. when he tackles one of the other guys they drag him down the field ;)...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

brotherly love?????

Jason put joey in time out and he decided to fall asleep. I guess he had a busy busy day at school,lol. i walked in the room to check on him and he was sleeping as sweet as can be. well, i knew nicholas was right behind me but didnt pay attention as to why he wanted to see joey. i shouldve known nic was up to no good because that seems to be him as of lately.
aj got home from football practice walked into his room and he saw joey covered in shaving cream. AAAAHHH!!!! of course i knew immediately who it was but before getting angry with nicholas i had to stop and take a picture..... my poor joey had such a rough day yesterday starting with crying when i left him at school, falling asleep way too late in the day and then having nicholas put shaving cream on his face. funny thing is nicholas refuses to share his can of shaving cream with joey wont even let him touch it.